Foundation “Ars Aenigma”

The Wielopolski Foundation for Culture “Ars Aenigma”

The Foundation "ARS AENIGMA" was set up in 2009 by Beata Wielopolska
and Bożena Motylewska-Wielopolska.

The President of the Foundation:
Beata Wielopolska
Contact: +43 699 13 82 92 33
+48 504 274 354
E-mail: b.wielopolski( łacz nik )
b.wielopolska( łacz nik )

Seat of the Foundation:
00-656 Warsaw, Poland
ul. Ksawerów 30/106
REGON (Business Registration No.): 141957243
NIP (Taxpayer Identification No.): 5213537732
KRS (Court Registration No.): 0000329360
Bank Account No.:
32 1240 1112 1111 0010 2644 4995

The main goal of the Foundation "ARS AENIGMA" is cultural
activity both in Poland and abroad involving the synthesis of the arts.
The Foundation wants to particularly rely on Polish artists in the following fields:

  • theatre (including open air theatre and street theatre)
  • pantomime
  • dance
  • stage movement
  • music (with an equal stress on composing, arranging and performing)
  • visual arts (including photography)

Through its activities the Foundation "ARS AENIGMA" is aiming at:

  • popularization of the broadly understood performing arts among wide audiences, particularly children, teenagers and students, but also among the disadvantaged members of the society, including the disabled persons, who have only limited access to culture
  • integration of highly qualified human resources threatened by degradation within its own professional field or by marginalization within society, regardless of ethnic background
  • improving the tourist appeal of towns and regions both in Poland and abroad through direct participation in those cultural activities that can help re-define their image
  • educational activities corresponding with cultural projects run by the Foundation
  • promotion of the universal features of Polish culture at home and abroad – in the context of European culture

The Foundation "ARS AENIGMA" is looking forward to cooperation with individuals and organizations supporting a similar mission.